Taraski’s “specials” are unique. The artist continues his creative research with great freedom, ranging in the choice of materials and surfaces used as bases and active elements of the artistic operation.

First of all, the work on canvas “Orgasmo”, exhibited at Expo in Padua in 2006 and published in the general catalogue, obtained a “verbal” review by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi, who, visiting the Taraski stand, would have classified it with love, “Out of Mind“!

To continue with the museum work of 4 meters. x 2 mt. called “The United States of the World”, a tribute to the Italian psychic and enlightened spiritual master, Gustavo Adolfo Rol and the British singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, artist and activist, Jhon Winston Ono Lennon.

The work stems from a feeling, from the desire to welcome those strong messages that existence sends us but which for various reasons we are unable to achieve, always with a single denominator: action!

Another interesting project is “RECOVER THE MONEY” (Recovering the money) whose title of the first canvas closed inside plexiglass will be “800”. It is a conceptual work; the artist is inspired by one of Dostoevsky’s greatest masterpieces “The Idiot” where he finds the essence in this quote: “Money is the most vulgar and hateful thing there is because it can do everything, even confer talent.
And it will have this power until the end of the world ”
(Fyodor Dostoevsky).

(excerpts from critical texts on the work of Maestro Taraski)