“My passion was born like this, from a flower, the one that Maria Cristina used to draw on sheets of paper while writing beautiful phrases for me…” (1988)

It is here, in this lapse of time, alternating long periods of meditation and dwelling in a “maniacal” way on the use of pigments and the search for gestures, that its uniqueness is outlined, always coming out of the box!

We begin to glimpse what in the future would have been the characteristic thematic nucleus of his activity: the reflection on the role of the image in the mass media society, the influences of American “pop” culture, the use of color and the strong experimental character.

He has never homologated any current or vision. In the end, the ultimate figure is always his one, even in uncertainty, even where he fails. And it is difficult to find any other definition of that figure which is a bit like the stamp of all his artistic adventure, if not calling it beauty. Everything in Taraski brings us there, the fruit of a grace that springs from his hands and his colors.

Someone defines his signature as arrogant and in bad taste, others consider it a work within the work …

Through his own working method, very tied to the gestures deriving from the practice of martial arts, such as Aikido, oriental philosophies that go perfectly with his way of being an artist!

(excerpts from critical texts on the work of Maestro Giancarlo Taraski)