He has established himself in the automotive world, with a new pictorial expression, called “Plexi-car” or “Plexi-boat”. Taraski, for his works, uses collectible models of cars and boats, which are both inspiration and an integral part of the painting. Colors also evolve around their presence, taking momentum from the concrete towards new forms and new creative paths.

Taraski draws “canvases on plexiglass”, applying the aforementioned models, from the past or from the present, and in painting the whole, honors the incessant and technological becoming of Humanity.

It is the very conception of the work that foreshadows the artistic limitless in its fulfillment. It doesn’t matter that the model is an object of playful moments or of technical applications, it is the impulse it arouses to determine the future. For the Savoy artist, man’s imagination – like a racing car on the track – travels exclusive and unexpected roads and the continuous discovery is the result of intuition, flair and mastery, which will determine mechanics and ingenuity for new technical and emotional improvements.

“His paintings highlight his multifaceted richness, made of sensitivity, passionate cultural reference to his origins and lively technical and compositional skills, as if he were a musician. An artist in full and continuous evolution.”

“We spend a lot of our days in the car: we eat, sleep, make love, sometimes one has born, one dies … Taraski makes us dream”


(excerpts from critical texts on the work of Master Giancarlo Taraski)